Hopper Ball

Hopper ball is one of the exercise balls with a handle to hold on to bounce. These fun toys can not only get kids active and exercising, but also help them build balance. They are durable enough to use inside or outside.

Hopper balls can be customized by many kinds of colors and different sizes- from 10-inch dia to 30-inch dia. It also has different styles such as space-hopper, sheep-horn hopper, half massage hopper, etc. In the future, we will explore the rainbow hopper.

Kids love the fun, colorful graphics, so the hopper ball manufacturers print different kinds of colorful graphics on it. At the same time, adult hopper balls are also welcomed by people as it helps people have the same fun hopping with children.

Our hopper ball is safety tested to the toy safety standards of Europe and America, is free of banned phthalates. Usually, hopper ball sold by the fine color box and inflate the pump. They are hot-sale in a supermarket or any other toy shop.

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