Rainbow Ball

Rainbow ball is a kind of PVC ball with fluorescent colors, it can grab children’s attention by these neon colors. Many kinds of patterns are printed on the surface to let the rainbow balls become diversify. So that there have rainbow footballs, rainbow volleyball, rainbow spot balls, rainbow spike balls, rainbow watermelon balls, etc… The size can be made from 15cm-40cm to suitable for different requirements.

If you go to the beach, you will find that the rainbow balls everywhere. People like to use rainbow balls to play water games and other beach games. They are welcomed by children and people.

Our rainbow ball is safety tested to the toy safety standard of Europe and America, is free of banned phthalates. Usually, rainbow ball sold in deflated and it can be packed with a net bag or PE bag or any other you require. They are hot-sale in a supermarket or any other shop.

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